Carbon Steel Pipe, Black (Schedule 40 & Schedule 80)
June 20, 2018
SMLS Seamless Hollow Section for constructions
June 27, 2018

ASTM A53, Type F, Grade A,ASME B36.

FM Approved and Fully Listed Sprinkler Pipe
Wheatland’s A53 Schedule 40 steel fire sprinkler pipe is
UL® Listed and FM Approved, sizes 1–6 NPS, for use in fire
sprinkler pipe applications, and is suitable for welding,
threading and grooving. 8 NPS Schedule 40 is FM Approved
but not UL Listed.
Approvals and Specifications
The product meets or exceeds the following standards:
• ASTM A53, Type F, Grade A, 1–4″
• ASTM A53, Type E, Grade B, 2–8″
• ASME B36.10M
• Federal Specification WW-P-404
Manufacturing Protocols
The weld seam of Wheatland’s A53 ERW Grade B is heattreated
after welding to 1,400° F; we slowly cool the steel in
order to toughen it and reduce its brittleness. Our products
are subjected to the toughest possible testing protocols to
ensure the highest quality and long-lasting performance.
Wheatland’s SureThread™ standard steel pipe is hot-formed
and heated during tube formation — not just the edges. As
the coiled steel reaches 2,450° F, rollers bend the steel into a
cylindrical shape, and the pressure and heat fuse the edges
together. There are no flash forms in this process, allowing for
a continuous weld. It all adds up to an extremely strong yet
easily machinable pipe. Our 1–4″ SureThread product is a
full-bodied annealed product.
Finishes and Coatings
The average weight of zinc coating shall not be less than 1.8
ounces per square foot of surface (inside and outside). When
galvanized pipe is bent or otherwise fabricated to a degree
that causes zinc coating to stretch or compress beyond the
limit of elasticity, some flaking of the coating may occur.
Wheatland’s MIC SHIELD™ antimicrobial coating, when initially
applied to the inner wall of the pipe, acts as a sanitizing agent
to clean the contact surface. MIC SHIELD coating thereafter
adheres to the pipe wall, serving as a protective coating that
guards against contamination by impeding the attachment
of microbes to the pipe wall. This limits the opportunities for
corrosion from microbiological organisms in the water supply
when the sprinkler pipe is initially installed. The integrity
and benefits of this protection can be preserved through a
combination of additional and routine treatment options
outlined in NFPA 13. MIC SHIELD coating is available for
Wheatland black steel pipe, sizes 1–6″ and 8″ upon request.
Product Marking
Each length of Wheatland fire sprinkler pipe is continuously
stenciled to show the manufacturer, type of pipe, grade, size
and length. Bar coding is acceptable as a supplementary
identification method.

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