Scaffold Tube
BS1139 EN39 galvanized Scaffolding Pipes
January 12, 2017
API5L-5CT casing pipe
API 5CT /5B N-80 Steel Casing Pipes,OD 4 1/2″ R1 R2 R3 casing/tubing
February 2, 2017

API SPEC 5CT K55 Seamless steel tubes,Oilfield casing pipes

Seamless Oil Casing Tube API 5CT K55

Seamless Oil Casing Tube API 5CT K55

API 5CT K55 oil casing pipe uses the first group of fairly low steel grade, which is similar to the J55 type among all type of API 5CT standard petroleum casing pipes. This product has the ability to adopt seamless and electric welding procedure. Its heat treatment techniques generally abide by the manufacturer choice or the order requirement. We can perform complete pipeline body or full length of normalization, normalization plus tempering, or quenching plus tempering.


Materialk55, steel grade
Outer Diameter4 1/2″-20″, (114.3-508mm)
Wall Thickness5.12-16.13mm
Form of ThreadButtress thread casing, Long round thread casing, Short round thread casing
FunctionIt can protect the tubing pipe.

Thread: LTC ( Long Round Thread), STC ( Short Round Thread), BTC ( Buttress Thread) and other premium connections which can be made as per the given drawings
Length:R1(4.88-7.62m), R2(7.62-10.36m), R3(10.36-14.63m))
Steel Grade: H-40, J55, K-55, N-80, L-80, P110, Q-125
Surface: Corrosion proofing water based paint

 Heat treatment: Normalized, Quencher+Temper
Pipe length less than 5.8m (20 feet container)
Pipe length less than 11.8m (40 feet container)
Pipe length more than 11.8m (Bulk shipment)








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